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Wavelink Voice-Enabled Applications Optimize Supply Chain Operations for Goya Foods

November 14, 2011

The Wavelink Corporation announced that Goya Foods received the Mobilizer Award from Mobile Enterprise magazine for the use of Wavelink voice-enabled applications to enhance supply chain operations.

Goya Foods is a Hispanic-owned food company that manufactures packages and distributes over 1,600 high-quality food products from the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America.

In a release, Luis Ramos, general manager for Goya Foods, said, “Goya has improved productivity and safety in its warehouses by letting case pickers confirm quantities through speech instead of using a keyboard.”

“The ability to combine voice with other types of data entry, such as barcode scanning, provides a further crosscheck to ensure that tasks are accurately completed. As inventory is moved from the warehouse and through distribution to their outlets, the entire process has become more efficient and cost-effective,” Ramos added.

Goya Foods deployed Wavelink Speakeasy which can add voice capabilities to its mobile devices accessing its warehouse management system. Speakeasy allows for hands-free data operation of mobile devices and it does not require any modification to be made to the host applications. It also does not require new hardware or servers, making it appreciably cost effective.

Wavelink Avalanche is leveraged by Goya to manage its mobile devices, deploy new devices and applications and perform software and configuration updates. Also it allows the administrator to manage the entire population of wireless assets, to make changes and to push them out to all the devices.

Officials explained that in case an administrator is desirous to add additional voice commands, or make changes to the interface or voice-enable another command line, they need not individually reprogram each of the devices. They have to just push a small change out from the management console.

Wavelink provides multi-vendor mobile device management, wireless infrastructure management, terminal emulation, voice enabling, proactive telecom expense management and mobile application development software.

The company addresses challenges involved in deploying, managing and controlling enterprise mobility systems for clients in the retail, manufacturing, healthcare, government, public safety and logistics industries.

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