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OKI Enhances Functions for its Contact Center System

March 24, 2008

In response to companies that want to deploy contact centers in different locations Oki Electric Industry Co., has made upgrades to its contact center system, CTstage. The latest model, CTstage 5i, now boasts enhanced functionality for large-scale and geographically dispersed call centers including multiple location functionality by leveraging the advantages of IP contact centers’ flexible system structure.

The newly enhanced functions include enhancement in multiple-location functionality, enhancement in statistics gathering, reporting and monitoring functions, and enhancement in linkage functions to connect with various systems.

1. Enhancement in multiple-location functionality -- enables users to enjoy more flexibility when managing systems in multiple locations with enhanced monitoring functions. Users can pick a location on the contact center monitor, and check information on gateways, calls and group operator status for that location. Call information and operator status can be sorted and managed by group, and by integrating the management tool for inbound and outbound operation, both can be managed on a single contact center monitor.

2. Enhancement in statistics gathering, reporting and monitoring functions -- Thanks to the newly added function to create graphs by aggregating information listed on the contact center monitor, one can easily understand the use of networks and operational status by groups. In addition, first-call resolution ratio can be aggregated with the reporter function.

Leveraging these enhancements, users can add definitions for “operator ready mode” to aggregate information and manage operators with the contact center monitor. Moreover, monitoring functions are also enhanced at contact centers’ operator view, such as viewing external line and incoming call status.

3. Enhancement in linkage functions to connect with various systems -- The CTstage can now connect to and operate with multiple systems, with a SIP-based connection. This enables it to be applied to various structures depending on the contact center size.

Katsuyoshi Koide, president of Multimedia Messaging Company at Oki, said in a statement that the enhanced functions of ‘CTstage 5i,’ will help companies having contact centers in multiple locations or of various sizes to reduce management operation and other costs.

Koide added that leveraging their strong track record, OKI will continue promoting the integration of internal voice networks and enhance CTstage functions to respond to market needs in a timely manner.

Last week, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd., Intel and Huashu Digital TV Co., Ltd., a cable TV company in China, announced that they have jointly developed a Next Generation Hybrid Set Top Box (STB) to serve the digital home market segment in China.


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