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Sodexo Selects Esker to Automate Order Processing from 800 Plus Restaurants in France

October 31, 2011

Esker, provider of document process automation solutions, has announced that it has been selected by Sodexo, provider of on-site service Solutions and Motivation Solutions, to drive the automation and outsourcing of faxed food orders received by Sodexo from 800 restaurants located in France. With more than 25,000 faxes coming in each month, Sodexo decided to deploy the Esker solution to help streamline and optimize the process of sending and tracking food orders for its restaurants in France.

Prior to the Esker solution, all Sodexo restaurants were using fax machines to send food orders to central purchasing. The tasks of manually printing and faxing of food orders was time and effort consuming. To streamline the purchase orders process, Sodexo deployed the SOL application tool. The company wanted to further improve the process by deploying an integrated fax service solution. In order to select the most optimized solution, the selection criteria, as defined by Sodexo, were based on quality of service provided, per page costs, vendor's efficiency during peak hours, availability of service and tracking capabilities which were all met effectively by the Esker solution.

The Esker solution was deployed and integrated within the Sodexo application within three months. Currently, the solution automates and outsources the faxing of 25,000 plus orders every month. Site managers now can fill out order forms directly from the business application, and send the fax by a click of a button. Each order comes with a unique identifier which is centralized and processed and faxed by Esker to central purchasing which provides a receipt acknowledgment and continues with processing the order. The orders are directly inputed into the business application of Sodexo which makes tracking easy. Leveraging the Esker solution, Sodexo has benefited from time, effort, and paper as well as fax hardware investment savings.

In a release, Francois Jambou Diaz, Front Office System Director, Global IS&T, Sodexo, said, “Processing food orders is critical for us, particularly with regards to fresh products. An error in order taking or a technical failure can result in restaurants not being delivered to on time. The Esker solution has freed us from paper faxes and streamlined our order processing. This new process is transparent to our users, who, directly from our business application, only have to click on a button to send their orders.”

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Edited by Rich Steeves