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Napersoft Improves Customer Communications Management

October 25, 2011

Napersoft, a provider in Customer Communications Management (CCM) software, has launched Napersoft CCM 7 software suite.

This premier enterprise software solution is designed to help businesses quickly and easily create, distribute and archive personalized documents.

In addition to increasing operational efficiencies, Napersoft CCM 7 will reduce costs as well as improve customer communications.

Napersoft claims that CCM 7 leverages high-volume batch options, ad-hoc interactive options or self-service on-demand web applications to provide an advanced customer communications management solution for personalizing critical customer communications.

Featuring a broad set of capabilities, the solution effectively supports those enterprises that want to integrate with existing CRM, ERP, ECM and legacy systems. Napersoft’s CCM 7 also ensures regulatory compliance, and provides faster, higher quality customer correspondence.

“With the combination of our Microsoft Word authoring tool and our re-architected template and paragraph composition, Napersoft CCM 7 is easier to use than ever before,” comments Bart Carlson, chief executive officer at Napersoft. “With these new features, we expect business users will be able to create templates more quickly and navigate through the document workflow process faster. We also foresee improved personnel productivity and satisfaction for our customers.”

Napersoft CCM 7 include several features including template and paragraph performance improvements; rapid integration of eSignature into the business process; added monitoring and tracking capabilities; seamless data integration from Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems; and multi-channel correspondences based on each customer’s individual preference—print, email, web, or fax.

The solution also needs reduced IT support; ensures regulatory compliance and consistency by automating business rules; and offers added security by archiving customer communications to a secure and reliable content repository.

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