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March 07, 2008

CRM company has, once again, been named to Forbes' "Fastest Growing Tech Companies" list. With annualized sales growth of 85 percent over the last five years, ranked second only to Google on the list of technology innovators. Selection criteria for the Forbes' list includes a minimum of $25 million in sales over the last four quarters; 10 percent annual sales gains over the five previous years; profitability over the past 12 months; and 10 percent estimated annual profit growth for the next three to five years.

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Astute Solutions announced this week that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued a Notice of Allowance for the company's RealDialog patent. The patent covers automated customer service via an intelligent virtual agent that is trained using customer-agent conversations. RealDialog engages users in productive, human-like conversations to deliver the specific information they need at a much lower cost than traditional support channels.

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ContactCenterSolutions's Susan Campbell this week wrote that, "Traditional call centers throughout the world have long relied on call recording applications to provide supervisors and managers with the ability to monitor agents’ calls to determine where training is needed, if customer needs are being met and a change is needed in processes. While call recording is an essential tool for managers, it can also be a very valuable tool for call center agents. Contrary to popular belief, not all agents are in their position without choice. Many of these individuals enjoy their work and would benefit from the value that call recording can provide.”

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Bravestorm, developer of the BoldChat live Web site chat software, announced this week the launch of its BoldChat 5.0. The company's latest evolution of its customer interactive management solution includes a full-featured enterprise edition that integrates live chat, e-mail and click-to-call solutions into one application.

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Organizations throughout the world have turned to multichannel communication with their customers. Whether this communication is in the form of contact center channels, or selling channels, the idea is to improve communication options and thereby drive increased sales. It should be considered part of the total customer service package. The Service Excellence Research Group, LLC, this week announced the publication of a new study focusing on the current state of online shopping and customer service. Influencing the Online Experience provides insight into consumers’ expectations for their online interactions and common areas where organizations tend to fall short in satisfying those consumers.

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CRM software is without a doubt crucial to the everyday functions of field sales professionals, wrote ContactCenterSolutions's Stefania Viscusi this week. With CRM software, field sales professionals are able to easily track and attain information about customers, leads and other necessary information. Offering field sales professionals the back-office tools to keep them in front of their most valuable customers throughout the day is Sales Force Automation systems.

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Finally, having trouble staying in touch with your own employees, let alone your customers, during this wicked cold and flu season? With cold and flu season sweeping its way through most offices and forcing sick employees to stay home and rest, companies who make use of conference calls can ensure their employees remain up to date, even when they can't make it into the office.

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That's all for this week, CRMers. Don't forget to spring your clocks forward on Sunday! I wouldn't want you to arrive an hour late for next week's CRM Week in Review.