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Attensity VoC On-Demand SaaS Solution Now Available

February 25, 2008

Attensity, a provider of text analytics software for First Person Intelligence, has announced Attensity VoC On-Demand. This new secure software-as-a-service (SaaS) is designed to enable users to access the company’s “Voice of the Customer” (VoC) solution via the Web for on-demand customer feedback analysis.

With the Attensity VoC On-Demand, enterprises can now extract and analyze critical data about their customers in Attensity’s easily accessible user interface and through customizable analytic dashboards.

This new solution uses Attensity’s patented Exhaustive Extraction engine to automatically identify facts, opinions, requests, trends ad trouble areas from unstructured first person feedback found in surveys, service call and center notes, e-mails, Web forums, blogs, news articles and other forms of customer contact.

By turning the first person feedback into First Person Intelligence, Attensity users can proactively understand and rapidly react to customer issues and requests. They will also have the ability to discover product and/or service offering opportunities as well as potential areas for improvement.

Customers can also analyze and understand NetPromoter Scores© (NPS), which are used to gauge an organization’s customer loyalty based on satisfaction surveys. The VoC application is designed to provide root cause analysis on NPS “promoter” and “detractor” designations, which indicate positive assets that drive purchases and liabilities that destroy profits due to complaints.

"Attensity VoC On-Demand makes it easy and efficient for enterprises to harness invaluable customer insights made possible by our VoC solution -- now without the extra effort required to install and integrate local versions of our software," Craig Norris, Attensity's CEO, said in a Monday statement. "This new option provides our users with a true at-their-fingertips solution to help retain customers, increase revenues, and uncover opportunities to develop and enhance products and services."

Users of the VoC On-Demand now have online access to the VoC application through any Web browser, providing the ability to analyze freeform customer feedback through a user interface and easy-to-use dashboards. The service supports automatic extractions and refreshes of data sources.

The solution also offers a quick start implementation program, which includes appropriate data preparation to prepare data sets for extraction and output views and dashboards. Users can develop predefined analysis views, known as query templates, and distinctive dashboards tailored to the user organization’s requirements.

"Companies need to understand what their customers are saying about them, or telling them directly," said Susan Feldman, research vice president covering content technologies at IDC, a leading provider of global IT research and advice, in Monday’s statement.

"Text analytics lets them add unstructured sources to their business intelligence analyses. By providing this advanced text analysis capability as software as a service (SaaS), Attensity gives customers an easy way to experiment with the technology without having to invest and implement it themselves. It should make adoption even more widespread than it already is."

Understanding the customer’s perception of the company is essential to an optimized strategic approach to growth. Companies are understanding this importance more and more as they are turning to providers such as Attensity to understand how a customer perceives their experience with a company or a product.

The information gathered with the Attensity VoC On-Demand can contribute greatly to the overall approach a company takes in their products and services. This approach can guarantee either their success or their failure, depending on how much value they place on customer feedback.


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