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AnswerNet Network Now Part Of AARP National Employer Team

February 04, 2008

Teleservices provider The AnswerNet Network announced today that it has been selected by AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) as a new addition to their National Employer Team.

AARP’s National Employer Team program connects workers ages 50 and up with employers who recognize the value of their experience and skills. National Employment Team employers undertake a detailed application process to demonstrate their interest in hiring mature workers. AARP’s Web site also provides information on the employers and the positions they have posted on their Web sites, along with links to each employer’s AARP career page.

Call centers often use the average age of its workers as a selling point; the more mature the average agent, the lower the turnover. It is generally thought that older workers have more patience to deal with irate callers, more empathy and more life skills to cope with what can at times be a stressful job requiring strong people skills. According to AnswerNet, this partnership opportunity opens up a new well of potential for the company, allowing them to gain the valuable perspective that can only be supplied by the wisdom that comes with experienced workers.

“As a company that serves thousands of diverse clients, its imperative that we have an equally diverse workforce,” said Gary A. Pudles, president and CEO of the AnswerNet Network. “AnswerNet recognizes the value of an experienced workforce and the insight it brings to our customers and our business culture. I’m proud that AnswerNet has earned membership privileges with AARP’s National Employer Team.”

“AARP’s National Employer Team members come from fields ranging from retail to travel to security with positions spanning the gap from tax examiners for the Internal Revenue Service to country directors for the Peace Corps,” added Deborah Russell, AARP’s Director of Workforce Issues. “‘Boomers’ experience provides a valuable resource to employers that face worker shortages in many diverse areas.”

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