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Castel Announces Castel Connect 3.0 to Extend Functionality for Collections Call Centers

January 29, 2008

Castel Inc., a supplier of contact center solutions for the collections industry, has released the latest version of its advanced call management solution. This product, Castel Connects 3.0, consists of several features that provide customers with more tools and strategies to increase right party contacts, increase collections, decrease costs and increase revenue.

One feature, the dynamic ANI, can broadcast a local caller ID based upon the region being called and the type of phone number. Consumers are more likely to answer a local call, so a local caller ID will significantly increase the likelihood of getting a connection.
The new release also offers enhancements to Intelligent Message Deliver, including outbound IVR functionality. Customers gain the ability to send automated messages with text-to-speech variables, and using DTMF tone recognition, support two levels of authentication.

Automated messaging is a proven and effective strategy for many types of accounts and integrating it with the call management platform enables the customer to control the process, while also avoiding variable costs, and keeping all account data associated with the call. When an individual speaks with an agent, the agent receives the prioritized call with both voice and data simultaneously.

The collections industry also faces considerable compliance issues. With the Castel Connects 3.0, users are able to set up compliance rules by state and phone type in order to comply with state regulations prior to and during a campaign.

As compliance laws can change frequently, as well as vary state by state, Castel Connects’ provides the flexibility to modify any compliance rules on the fly.
“All these features add up to a supercharged system that allows our enterprise customers to do more and get connected fast,” said Nick Kimball, Castel’s President and Chief Executive Officer, in a Tuesday statement.
Kimball continued: “This product is a direct response to market needs and we see Castel Connects 3.0 as a powerful addition to our product offerings. With this scalable, reliable, flexible and fully-featured system, which includes support for VoIP, we can offer our customers a platform that will grow with them. ”

Call centers that operate in collections face considerable challenges in an already challenging industry. Agents know that they are calling on an issue that may ignite frustration, hang-ups and even hateful treatment from a customer – if they actually answer the phone.

Castel Connects understands these challenges and provides a solution that better equips the collections call center to overcome these obstacles and produce a better outcome in their collections calls.

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