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HiveLive Provides Online Employee Community for Alpine Access Home-based Agents

January 22, 2008

HiveLive, an enterprise social software platform provider, announced today that Alpine Access, a provider of contact center solutions for brand-conscious companies, selected HiveLive to power a new online employee community.

This new community is considered a key part of Alpine Access’ strategy to build a high-performance workplace that fosters innovation, productivity and loyalty.
With more than 7,500 home-based agents located across the United States, Alpine Access provides contact center solutions for Fortune 1000 companies such as Office Depot and J. Crew. With HiveLive’s LiveConnect Community Platform, Alpine Access has been able to create a central place for its distributed workforce to interact and collaborate online.

"As a contact center solution provider, our employee base is the most critical component of our success, so community and culture are key," said David Parkhurst, director of client operations at Alpine Access, in a Tuesday statement.

Parkhurst continued: "Since all of our agents work remotely, they don't have the opportunity to connect with their colleagues in the same way they would in a traditional office environment. HiveLive's LiveConnect Community Platform provides us with a solution that cultivates innovation and collective insight for improved customer service."

Prior to the launch of this community, Alpine Access employees were limited in their communication and teamwork abilities due to the technology restrictions inherent in e-mail. This new platform enables the company to integrate social networks by sharing best practices, solving problems, and engaging personally with photos and profits.

HiveLive’s LiveConnect Community has enabled Alpine Access to create a “virtual water cooler” that fosters a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration.

"The HiveLive Platform is ideal for companies like Alpine Access that are seeking to integrate social networking tools in a way that more intuitively connects people and information," said John Kembel, co-founder and CEO of HiveLive, in Tuesday’s statement.
Kembel continued: "Our people-centered approach to communities empowers members to co-create their community and continually evolve it as their needs grow. When companies better connect people to one another and people to information, they give themselves a competitive edge."

With this community platform, business can rapidly configure custom-fit enterprise communities built around people, their relationships, and their shared knowledge.

The foundation of HiveLive's patent pending technology is a new Web 2.0 building block, called a Hive, which combines people, information, and permissions to create flexible information resources.

Hives are easily configured by clicking, not coding, to support an infinite range of community activities such as communication, collaboration, discussion, media and file sharing, idea voting, and more.

Alpine Access is operating in a unique world in which its “teams” are compromised of individuals working in a virtual environment. As a result, the company may be able to attract valuable employees, but lack the capabilities to provide a “team” environment where the employees feel like they are a part of something bigger.
With the help of HiveLive’s LiveConnect Community, these employees should be able to get the next best thing and build a community with their peers through this virtual world. While it will still lack the benefits that personal involvement can provide, it can still deliver significant value to those operating in that virtual working world.

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