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Unified View of Customer Experience Achievable with Medallia Latest Release

May 06, 2011

Contact centers that are looking for a way to capture immediate customer feedback after every interaction will be pleased to learn that a new solution is available that is designed to give organizations the best way to know what customers are truly thinking and what’s important to them.

Announced today by Medallia, a global provider of SaaS Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, the latest release of the Medallia Contact Center Experience solution is designed to distribute feedback throughout organizations in an effort to help businesses improve agent performance, save at-risk customers with immediate notifications and workflow resolution management, and identify the levers that affect customer loyalty.

This new release of Medallia Contact Center Experience is said to provide “more granular reporting down to the agent level and tighter integration with other contact center applications through Medallia API.” The latest release has been designed to encourage action, therefore, the user interface and data access are specifically tailored to each user’s responsibilities--A supervisor can compare team members’ results; a channel manager can compare satisfaction with phone, Web and e-mail support; and a director can compare performance among center locations.

To that end, one of the features of Medallia Contact Center Experience is that it alerts managers instantly when customers report problems. Through the Medallia platform, the company says managers can engage directly with unhappy customers within minutes after a problem occurs, and follow-up activities can then be tracked, analyzed and shared among managers and coaches.

“Companies want their contact centers to deliver a uniformly great experience to customers, regardless of where in the world they are located,” said Borge Hald, co-founder and CEO of Medallia. “We designed our contact center solution to handle scale and complexity—providing a common platform that supports not only the scale of tens of thousands of users in contact centers and business units, but also the complexity of different surveys, languages, reports, alerts, escalation paths and other dimensions.”

Among Medallia’s features are the ability for programs, contact centers, teams and geographies to be added, removed or changed seamlessly as the organization changes. In addition, through a public API, Medallia provides real-time integration with other contact center applications such as CRM, IVR, performance management and workforce optimization systems.

Also, Medallia is designed to  import traditional contact center metrics such as handle time, hold time and first call resolution from other systems and provide up-to-the-minute customer feedback data. It can configure reports to meet different users’ needs in addition to trending customer experience data. The company says that by correlating the relationship between traditional operational metrics with Medallia’s customer feedback, companies will be able to see how driving these metrics affects customers’ experiences and loyalty.

 Medallia Contact Center Experience received the 2010 Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing Corporation’s Customer Inter@ction Solutions magazine, a leading publication covering customer relationship management, call centers and teleservices.

In other news, ContactCenterSolutions reported “The key to meeting customers’ needs and obtaining their loyalty and business both directly via sales from them and indirectly through referrals to others such as social media, is by listening to them and analyzing their comments, i.e., obtaining the voice of the customer, or VOC.”

Linda Dobel is a ContactCenterSolutions Contributor. She has been an editor in the contact center space for more than 25 years, and has the distinction of being the founding editor of Customer Inter@ction Solutions (CIS) magazine. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Jennifer Russell