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CRM from Vtrenz in Stein Rogan Partnership

December 14, 2007

Stein Rogan & Partners has announced a partnership with Vtrenz, a marketing automation and lead management company, to “optimize demand for products and services for one of its flagship clients, TransitCenter.”

Acquired by Silverpop in May 2007, Vtrenz does marketing campaigns, scores and routes leads to sales, and analyzes marketing results.

Tom Stein, President and CEO of Stein Rogan, said the Vtrenz partnership “has enabled Stein Rogan to take our demand generation and CRM practice to a new level of proficiency and sophistication.”

For TransitCenter, the non-profit organization behind TransitChek tax-free commuter benefits, which encourage mass transit and reduce traffic congestion, Stein Rogan created an acquisition campaign in concert with a Vtrenz-powered automated lead nurturing campaign using articles, white papers, telemarketing, surveys, and special offers.

“By implementing precision marketing, we’ve been able to identify and route high opportunity leads to the sales team,” adds Susan O’Sullivan, vice president of Marketing, TransitCenter — and, at the same time, nurture ‘less sales-ready’ leads, moving them steadily to ‘sale-ready’ status.”

Precision marketing is “an area with huge upside for B2B marketers,” Stein observed, adding that the agency is in the midst of a second client implementation, and anticipates at least four more in 2008.
The first time I heard of the firm was two years ago, when the Fargo, North Dakota-based firm announced product enhancements for its marketing automation platform.
Vtrenz iMarketing Automation was engineered to give marketers tools to plan, build, manage, execute and measure both online and offline marketing activities, designed to help companies “generate, qualify and nurture leads as well as retain and win back customers,” according to company officials at the time.
The company was focused on its iMarketing Automation product, which was described by them as something to help you “execute relationship marketing activities.”
Specifically, in May 2005, Vtrenz announced a deal with American United Life Insurance Company, which bought iMarketing Automation as its dedicated provider of marketing automation tools and service. It also hosted its first-ever partner event, Elevation 2005, for reselling partners and creative agencies from across the country. Mercifully, it was held in Minneapolis instead of Fargo.
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