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TEC Chosen by Kelly-Moore Paints for ERP

December 12, 2007

Kelly-Moore Paints, an employee-owned paint company in the United States, has engaged the services of software evaluation firm Technology Evaluation Centers to help it select an enterprise resource planning system.

With over 2,000 employees, three major manufacturing facilities, and 164 retail stores, Kelly-Moore Paints decided that it was time to move from multiple, disparate software systems to one integrated ERP system. Kelly-Moore's project team settled on TEC for its "decision support engine and methodology," according to the TECcers.

Kelly-Moore began with TEC's request for information templates for mixed-mode (process and discrete) ERP to identify feature and function gaps that might have otherwise been missed, and created a custom RFI specifically designed for its environment.

This May Technology Evaluation Centers launched its Merchandising Systems Evaluation Center to help companies select the software products they require for their specific business requirements.

Featuring research on retail vendors, the center allows software buyers to compare products based on over 3,000 criteria, in areas including inventory replenishment, purchasing, and vendor management, across multiple retail channels and countries.

"As retail organizations shift strategies to become more customer-centric, products that can facilitate, streamline, and automate operations are becoming 'must haves' in any size retail organization," says Christina Park, TEC research analyst for retail.

Before approaching software vendors, TEC suggests companies engage in an online comparison of merchandising products using services such as TEC's eBestMatch software evaluation tool. This step can save firms time, money, and staffing resources during the critical selection process.

At the end of May Technology Evaluation Centers released a report citing increasing interest in on-demand sales compensation management applications.

Authored by principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic and issued as a four-part series beginning on May 7th, the report marks the latest industry analyst research on sales incentive compensation management (ICM) and sales performance management (SPM).


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