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Robroy Industries Call Center Recognized by J.D. Power and Associates as Outstanding

December 12, 2007

Robroy Industries Coated Conduit Division, manufacturers of Plasti-Bond RedH2OT, Perma-Cote and KorKap PVC-coated galvanized conduit, has been recognized for call center operation customer satisfaction excellence by the J.D. Power and Associates Certified Call Center Program.

For the second year in a row, this distinction acknowledges a strong commitment by the company’s Conduit Division call center operations to provide “an outstanding customer service experience.”
“Customer ratings for call center representatives at Robroy Industries Coated Conduit Division are particularly high, which indicates the organization does well in equipping their representatives with the knowledge and skills necessary to efficiently handle customer inquiries,” said Jonathan Brookner, director of the call center certification program at J.D. Power and Associates. “In particular, customers give the Robroy Industries Coated Conduit Division call center high ratings in the courtesy they extend to callers and the knowledge they bring when interacting with customers.”
With operations in Gilmer, Texas, Robroy Industries Conduit Division’s call center handles nearly 50,000 telephone, email, and fax inquiries with customers annually. To achieve certification, the call center operation successfully passed a detailed audit of their recruiting, training, employee incentives, management roles, and responsibilities, as well as quality assurance capabilities.

J.D. Power and Associates conducted a random survey of Robroy Industries Conduit Division’s customers as part of its evaluation. The customers selected have recently contacted the company’s call centers.

Certification status is granted to those call centers that perform within the top 20 percent of customer service scores. This performance is measured against benchmarks established by J.D. Power and Associate’s cross-industry customer satisfaction research.
The criteria used for certification include evaluation of: courtesy, knowledge, concern for the customer, usefulness of the information provided, convenience of operating hours, ease of reaching a representative, and timely resolution.

“Our PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit brands are now the first products of their type to have achieved the J.D. Power and Associates certification for customer service for a second year in a row,” said David Marshall, president of Robroy Industries Conduit Division. “This is yet another way we have demonstrated to users of Plasti-Bond, Perma-Cote and KorKap that our world-class product quality is backed, at no additional cost, by comparable quality in service to our customers.”

Launched in 2004, the Call Center Certification Program evaluates overall customer satisfaction with call centers. Its main goal was to help call centers in various industries increase their efficiency and effectiveness by establishing best practices for handling service calls.

The level of customer service that a company can provide is often its only true differentiator in the marketplace. As competition intensifies for a variety of industries, more and more products are being classified as commodities. To overcome this perception, companies must strive to ensure that customers recognize the value that they add to the experience.
This recognition for Robroy Industries Conduit Division by J.D. Power and Associates is proof that the company has made customer service and satisfaction a priority. Considered certification is based on customer response, the company must be doing something right.
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