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White Paper Demonstrates a Better Way to Service Warranty Callers

March 21, 2011

Can a company really save thousands of dollars just by using a speech-enabled warranty validation application? A white paper from TuVox presents a case study that clearly demonstrates that the answer is an unequivocal yes.

Companies that want to connect warranty callers with agents, while providing paid support and web help for non-warranty callers, will find this case study will help answer many of the questions they may have about doing so -- and doing so profitably.

The paper shows how one company used the system and:

  • Validated more than 70 percent of its hundreds of thousands of incoming calls;
  • Achieved more than $500,000 in monthly savings, and more than $6 million in annual savings;
  • Provided a branded experience across multiple product lines;
  • Freed up agents to support other online contact center initiatives.

The paper details exactly how this is accomplished at the customer site, which will give you an idea of how it could fit into your business, as well.

In addition to the mechanics of the system operation, TuVox said, “Now that non-warranty calls are handled separately, technical support head count has been reduced while the average wait time for a representative has decreased substantially. Warranty callers get help faster, which has boosted customer satisfaction. In short, customers are happier with the shortened wait time and contact center agents are glad to handle more challenging and interesting customer calls.”

If you are finding that, as a result of calls flooding your service center, reps simply end up servicing all callers regardless of whether or not they are paid warranty customers, the solution discussed in this white paper will go a long way to save you from letting this problem become costly, time-consuming and difficult for your employees.

To learn exactly what it takes to possibly save up to $500,000 a month, check out this white paper by clicking here

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