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Amdocs Smart Agent Desktop for the Call Center Now Available

November 28, 2007

Amdocs, a provider of customer experience systems, has announced today the release of Amdocs Smart Agent Desktop. This comprehensive, agent-guiding solution is designed specifically for companies with high-volume, high-attrition call centers that use multiple, disparate customer management applications.

With Smart Agent Desktop, agent desktop applications are unified to provide real-time agent guidance that specifically addresses the vital needs in today’s call centers. These needs include agent efficiency and cost reduction, revenue generation and long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Smart Agent Desktop also runs on Amdocs Smart Client Framework, a new technology framework that provides a single, enhanced user interface for all front- and back-office employee desktop applications.

"Today, forward-thinking companies are investing in projects that foster customer centricity to deliver proactive service, and drive knowledge-guided interactions to optimize the customer experience," said Sheryl Kingstone, director at technology research and consulting firm Yankee Group, in a Wednesday statement.

"Amdocs' approach with the Smart Agent Desktop makes it a viable new option for companies to consider when making their investments to improve their customer interactions."

Smart Agent Desktop delivers a number of new capabilities to enhance a call center's systems, agent skills, and processes. New functionality includes: unified desktop; agent guidance; and interaction process monitoring and analysis.

The Smart Agent Desktop runs on Amdocs Smart Client Framework, a next-generation presentation layer for all employee facing applications. This framework is designed to vastly improve usability and accelerate performance, while providing true integrated customer management at every touch point.

By using a lightweight Java client and a modern user interface design, Amdocs Smart Client Framework can increase the productivity of customer service representatives by minimizing system wait time and reducing the number of keystrokes and mouse clicks necessary to quickly access the right information. This framework was also designed to enable agile development and centralized management of contact center applications.

T-Mobile Austria has deployed a prototype of the new Smart Client Framework.
"The quality and stability that Smart Client Framework provides is very promising, as it fulfills the requirements of a high-performance contact center solution," said Peter Weiss, executive vice president of customer care for T-Mobile Austria, in Wednesday’s statement.

"And since the product is compliant to the service- oriented architecture (SOA) concept and standards, it is easy to integrate into T-Mobile's system infrastructure and with other external systems we work with. In a competitive market like ours, tools that help us deliver a better customer experience, like Smart Client Framework, are of particular interest."

Smart Agent Desktop is one of the first solutions to support the vision of the recently announced Amdocs Customer Experience Blueprint. This blueprint was designed to guide service providers’ transformation from providers of voice, video and data to purveyors of the digital lifestyle.

Smart Agent Desktop underscores this vision by enabling service providers to offer enhanced customer interactions as they bring to market new, competitive services.

"With increased market competition and demands from customers, today's service providers need all-encompassing solutions that incorporate every aspect of customer handling," said Charles Born, vice president of corporate communications for Amdocs, in Wednesday’s statement.

"Amdocs continues to deliver solutions that enable service providers to streamline and improve their call center processes, while lowering their cost of ownership and ultimately enabling them to deliver the best possible customer experience."

Amdocs has done well to not only understand the everyday challenges that the call center faces in ordinary processes, but to also design its offerings to address these challenges and enable the call center to operate effectively.

Call centers operate in a volatile operation, no matter the industry it is in place to support. To help control the costs associated with everyday customer interactions and control agent attrition, these centers look to providers such as Amdocs to put them in a better position to not only perform, but also compete in tight markets. In doing so, these centers are better positioned for long-term success.


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