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AnswerNet, AARP Help Mature Workers

November 13, 2007

For many people in their fifties and older, job seeking is a bit of a mine field. Many prospective employers look and see not a mature worker who is more likely to come in on time, work diligently and be a team player, but a potential retiree in a few short years (which is increasingly not the case as the average age of retirement slips ever upwards).

The call center is one traditional place that has valued the contributions of older workers. Given that the turnover in call centers is so high, particularly among young workers, age, patience and maturity are all boons in the call center industry.
The AnswerNet Network, a large telemessaging firm and a provider of inbound, outbound and what it calls “e-bound” contact services across the U.S. and Canada, announced today that it has been chosen by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) as a new addition to their National Employer Team.
The National Employer Team is a program developed to offer placement services to job seekers ages 50 and over. AnswerNet has earned a place on the team by exhibiting a diligent commitment to hiring and retaining an experienced workforce. The new opportunity opens up a new well of potential for AnswerNet, offering the company “a chance to gain the valuable perspective that can only be supplied by the wisdom that comes with experience.”
AnswerNet operates over 50 contact centers within the U.S. and Canada, providing range of systems to optimize order entry, telephone answering services, sales, lead qualifications and other contact management solutions for a client base of over 35,000.
The new collaboration positions AnswerNet to be easily searched by prospective employees on the AARP Web site by providing a quick and easy portal to post openings. AARP members can then use the site to seek out opportunities with the company and instantly submit a resume.
“As a company that serves thousands of diverse clients, its imperative that we have an equally diverse workforce,” said Gary A. Pudles, president and CEO of the AnswerNet Network. “AnswerNet recognizes the value of an experienced workforce and the insight it brings to our customers and our business culture. I’m proud that AnswerNet has earned membership privileges with AARP’s National Employer Team.”
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