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Extra Attention from IT Service Provider Aids Customer Relations by 81 Percent

February 11, 2011

IT service providers who offer more solutions to their customers can expect an 81 percent longer customer relationship, according to BlueTie, a provider of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business applications.

Pitching new services to their users will be easier for such IT service providers, BlueTie said.

Customers with two or more services from BlueTie stay for an average of 47 months as compared to single service adopters whose lifetime is 26 months, according to BlueTie.

Offering value through multiple services gives IT service providers insight into their customers’ businesses and establishes a relationship conducive to mutual growth.

“We understand that the key to customer longevity is to understand customer needs and provide them with a group of services from a trusted partner,” said Jeremy Hunter, president of BlueTie, in a statement. “We provide resellers with a group of high quality, reliable SaaS offerings that help them establish long-term customer relationships.”

Sonian, BlueTie’s e-mail archival solution partner, found success in bundling services to create longer customer relationships. Sonian found that their partners who combine Sonian’s Archive solution with other services find greater success in take rate and customer longevity.

“Email archiving has become a critical security requirement,” said Greg Arnette, CTO at Sonian, in a statement. “When bundled with other solutions, like a hosted e-mail service, Sonian’s Archiving provides regulatory compliance, seamless eDiscovery and infinite mailbox storage. Resellers who can best articulate the value of implementing Sonian’s Archive solution with other SaaS applications for businesses can expect a better chance of adoption and a customer relationship based on value and trust.”

IT service providers who improve their offerings and can gain a better understanding of their customers’ requirements will be best positioned for sustained growth with their customers. As CIOs and CTOs continue to look for cost savings, they will look for additional offers from IT service providers.

Selling SaaS solutions requires minimal overhead and can have tremendous return for channels. BlueTie was one of the first SaaS e-mail providers for SMBs and began marketing additional services to users in the last five years. BlueTie is looking at increased success through the channel and offers its entire suite of solutions to resellers empowering them to offer their users solutions.

Recently BlueTie announced latest enhancement to its Hybrid Exchange 2010 e-mail and collaboration solution to enable users to share contacts between Hosted Exchange 2010 and BlueTie’s proprietary SaaS e-mail solution, ContactCenterSolutions reported.

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