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CRM Vendor Aha Sells Ownership Interest to Connextions

November 05, 2007

Connextions, Inc. has announced that it has acquired an ownership interest in Denver-based Aha! Software, a vendor of on-demand technology products for quantitative analysis of sales and marketing information.

The agreement provides Connextions with the exclusive rights to use the Aha! technology within the direct-to-consumer insurance sector of the healthcare industry. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Connextions is a business process outsourcing firm with expertise in the healthcare industry, working with health insurance plans and healthcare providers such as Kaiser Permanente, Assurant Health, Caremark and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. It's a privately held company, and part of the New Mountain Partners II, L.P. portfolio, a private equity fund sponsored and managed by Manhattan-based New Mountain Capital.

Aha! Software focuses on Customer Relationship Management (CRM)-based and other enterprise technologies for generating views of sales pipelines.

In announcing the Aha! acquisition, Connextions’ Chairman and CEO Jack LeFort said the CRM vendor's technology is "different from predictive modeling used for disease management and actuarial decision-making."

Earlier this year, Connextions acquired bConnected Software Inc., a Colorado-based company selling a CRM platform for healthcare organizations to manage touch points along the customer lifecycle and to "apply customer information for marketing strategy and development of tailored products to address market segment needs," Connextions officials say.

In September Aha! today announced its Max product for's AppExchange, saying it "brings brand new, easy-to-use analytics to your sales pipeline data," replacing "traditional, subjective, and error-filled forecasts… the guessing, hedging, and debating about your sales pipeline and revenue can be left behind."

“We are eager to be joining forces with to launch Max to its customers," Mark Teflian, CEO of Aha! said at the time. "With Max and its integration on the platform, outdated and inaccurate sales forecasting methods can be thrown out in favor of a disciplined and proven approach."


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