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Vlingo Releases Popular Actions Taken Using Virtual Assistant

January 03, 2011

Vlingo Corporation announced some of the most popular actions of 2010 made by users with its Virtual Assistant that converts words to actions.

The announcement is based on data collected through hundreds of millions of Vlingo Virtual Assistant actions over the past year. Also the data serves to provide a positive view into the growing use of Vlingo to access information on mobile phones.

In a press release, Hadley Harris, VP of Marketing at Vlingo, said, “With Apple, it’ about apps, with Google, it’ about search but with Vlingo it is about connecting our users quickly, easily and safely to the people, businesses and information that are important to them.”

“While text messaging continues to be our most popular function, in the last year we have seen a dramatic shift from people using Vlingo to search for specific destinations sites to using Vlingo for specific actions such as buying movie tickets, finding available hotels or locating the nearest pizza place,” Harris added.  

Harris also revealed that this change is due to the functionality that Vlingo has added including the new “ActionBar” and integrating with 3rd party partners such as Foursquare, KAYAK, OpenTable and Fandango.

The most called, mapped and navigated businesses for the year 2010 includes Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Walmart, McDonald’s, Home Depot, Best Buy, Shell, Bank of America, Walgreens and AutoZone each from a particular sector.

The 2010 Top Searched Movies and Tickets Booked list comprises of Tron, Harry Potter, True Grit, Black Swan and Tangled. The list of most searched U.S. hotel destinations includes the cities of New York, Miami, Chicago, Denver and San Francisco.

Several million people use Vlingo on their mobile devices to turn their words into actions.  Also Vlingo users interact with Vlingo on an average of 45 times per month. Usage is only increasing with increase in awareness and availability of more functionality and capability of Vlingo’s Virtual Assistant.  Users can either speak or type commands to access all that the Vlingo Virtual Assistant offers.

According to Vlingo sources its most popular actions are based on a representative sampling of hundreds of millions of Virtual Assistant actions that have been conducted using Vlingo in 2010.

Vlingo is a Virtual Assistant that converts words into action by combining speech recognition, natural language processing, and Vlingo’s Intent Engine. This will help understand the user’s intent and take required action.

It serves as a safe and easy way to achieve things even while traveling. Users can send text and e-mail messages, search the Web, use Google maps, update Twitter and achieve tasks.

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