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TouchStar, ServiceFirst Team Up for Call Center Product

October 19, 2007

TouchStar, a call center technology provider, and ServiceFirst, a vendor of hosted service industry software, have announced a new partnership for a product to unify field service, sales, and office personnel to “increase revenue, efficiency, and overall service quality.”

The offering is tailored to the needs of field services businesses such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, pool and spa, irrigation and landscaping, security and alarm, refinishing, and telecommunications.
“Service organizations now have the capabilities of full on-site systems at a price point that is appropriate for small and medium sized businesses,” company officials say, adding that “the combined offering includes tools to drive revenue, simplify dispatching, match the technician’s skill sets, and check parts availability. This helps ensure a positive experience for the customer while growing the service business.”
Brian Smits, TouchStar’s Global Director of Marketing, said the product provides service companies with service call reminders, intelligent screen pops with customer information and service history, automated service order entry, call flow management, complete customer service center reporting, and cross sell and up sell outbound campaigns.
Chuck Simmons, CEO of ServiceFirst, said by using the product businesses can “access the powerful tools available for every part of their operation, and do so remotely without the large traditional license and integration services investment previously required.”
Late last year Digisoft, a TouchStar Software company, announced a joint effort with ContactCenterSolutions to conduct an online series of industry-wide Webinars open to all business professionals interested in gaining a competitive edge in the call center market.
TouchStar finalized its acquisition of Davenport, Iowa-based Sigmaworx during 2006. Sigmaworx has been a provider of call center products for over 20 years, and gave TouchStar an experienced staff, a new product offering, and more than 2,000 legacy clients.
The strategic implementation of a new Customer Service Division and the development of TouchStar University’s internal education program were completed as well.
TouchStar expanded abroad beginning in 2001, and has since opened international offices in England, India, South Africa, and the Philippines to create an international presence.
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