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Mapping of Customer Interactions Now Possible with ClickFox Solutions

December 14, 2010

In today's data-fueled enterprise, where data is collected faster than it can be analyzed, the data and analytic space has been redefined by ClickFox. It has effectively broken down the organizational silos and moved analytics up the value chain, and achieved record growth in 2010 with its collective customer cost savings that add up to billions of dollars.

Its customer experience analytics (CEA) software and solutions analyze nearly one billion customer interactions every month, covering a wide spectrum of industry. ClickFox remains poised to lead as the only solution on the market that can deliver a single, powerful view of customer experience across channels for dramatically reduced costs, improved customer satisfaction and increased retention.

ClickFox, following a recent Series C funding round led by Morgan Stanley, is expected to further its reach into global markets and further develop its core analytic technology, enabling near real-time capabilities for true predictive business intelligence. All this is expected to contribute to immense growth in 2011.

In an effort to address the growing challenges that stem from massive volumes of data scattered across the enterprise, business units and technology tools, ClickFox will continue to leverage expertise from data storage and warehousing industry leaders.

Additionally, ClickFox will also continue to expand its strategic partnerships to include social media monitoring and analytics companies. By doing so, it hopes to be able to deliver the first end-to-end social CRM solution that leverages customer behavior insight.

In a press release, Former T-Mobile CIO and member of ClickFox's advisory board, Robert Strickland spoke about the potential of ClickFox's CEA solutions, and said, "I cannot imagine any company that is truly serious about their customer experience not leveraging this technology. By making sense of all channels of customer data and rapidly identifying the most critical areas impacting consumers and the business, ClickFox is effectively breaking down organizational silos and moving analytics up the value chain in today's data-fueled enterprise."

He spoke about the performance of ClickFox over the years, "ClickFox has been solving Big Data challenges for years with its innovative, patented approach to analyzing and modeling structured and unstructured data from any data source to drive powerful business impact at Fortune 500 organizations."  

In the same press release, Marco Pacelli, CEO of ClickFox, spoke about the impact of the CEA solution, and said, “The power of our solution has delivered billion-dollar change in today's most customer-centric companies and is being touted as the 'holy grail' in the data and analytics space."

He further added, "With each additional customer added and more sophisticated deployments involving emerging channels like social media and even mobile field service devices, we are revolutionizing the way consumers interact and engage with companies today for stronger, more profitable customer experiences and relationships.”

ClickFox's customer base comprises leading organizations across the industry sector and also includes two of the Big four banks, and an increasing number of Fortune 500 energy and utility organizations.

With nearly one billion customer interactions being processed monthly, ClickFox is the market leader in processing, analyzing and improving customer experience across industries and all interaction touch points.

In a related news release, ClickFox and Next IT, a leader in the design and implementation of natural language, self-service technology for businesses and organizations, announced a partnership to redefine customer service through technology.

Mini Swamy is a contributing editor for ContactCenterSolutions. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Tammy Wolf