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AT&T to Strengthen Customer Relationships with More Customer-Friendly Policies

October 16, 2007

In a bid to offer their customers services that improve their experience, AT&T has announced two new, customer-friendly policies.

The new policies being offered by AT&T bring greater flexibility to customers as they change their calling plans.
Customers looking to either modify their current plan, or exit their contracts early, can beginning in November, extend their contracts or enter into new ones whenever they want to make changes during the course of their contract without the need to extend their contract dates.
Also, a new policy for customers who choose to exit their contract early has been set. The new policy offers customers a progressive rate during the term of their contract, so they will no longer be required to pay a flat early termination fee.
These changes answer to a common frustration with wireless service plans, and customers feeling locked into their plans. By offering greater flexibility without the need to continuously upgrade their contract end dates each time they need to make a change, customers can benefit from non-traditional, 'one-size-fits-all' offerings as well as easily make changes whenever needed.
These new policies join AT&T's growing list of customer –friendly policies.
For customers who don’t wish to sign any contract, AT&T also offers GoPhone prepaid.
"AT&T leads the wireless industry in the flexibility, friendliness and fairness of its practices, and the new policies we have announced today are the most recent examples of that leadership," said Paul Roth, president of Sales and Marketing for the company's wireless unit. "Customers have told us they do not like one-size-fits-all approaches. They are right, and that is why we have made these important changes."

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