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CRM Vendor FTS Offers Leap BCE Broadband Edition

October 09, 2007

FTS, a vendor of business control, billing and CRM products for communications service providers, has announced the launch of Leap Business Control Engine (Leap BCE) Broadband Edition, which will, FTS officials say, "transform broadband access, creating higher revenue opportunities for providers and higher customer satisfaction for users."

Customers can use the product to monitor quotas and costs accruing on their account, as well as purchase extra quotas and switch bandwidth on demand.

Leap BCE Broadband Edition "allows service providers to improve and enhance services across their networks, in turn influencing the customer-provider relationship," officials say. The product enables real-time customer interaction as well, "capturing and responding to events in real-time based on a pre-configured set of business policies and dynamically adapting network or service behavior in response to customer interaction."

Leap BCE Broadband Edition is integrated with leading Deep Packet Inspection vendors such as Allot and Sandvine. By using the power and granularity of DPI, Leap BCE Broadband Edition can offer quota-management services such as usage-quota per application (e.g. quota for P2P traffic or for video), usage-quotas that ignore certain services (e.g. the operator-branded-gaming is not counted) and even peak/off-peak plans.

A Web Self-Care allows the customers to monitor their usage throughout the month, set alerts and notifications, like "At 80 percent send me an SMS," and decide, even in advance, how his account will behave when quota is depleted.

Leap BCE Broadband Edition is deployed alongside existing systems with interfaces into billing, CRM and other BSS & OSS systems.

This summer FTS announced that it is working with Distributor of IT and Hardware and Systems Integrator RT2i in the African CSP market.

Systems Integrator RT2i is dedicated to the African market and has built a client list in the African telco sector. RT2i will now market FTS' products alongside its current portfolio, "giving both companies increased depth in the African Service Provider market," FTS officials say.

In particular, the partnership with FTS will see RT2i resell and support the hardware required for FTS' products as well as provide system integration capabilities to support FTS' end-to-end converged products with HP OpenCall.

Service Providers in Africa now have increased access to FTS' portfolio of Business Control, Billing and CRM products. This includes FTS' flagship product, Leap Billing, which enables providers to charge in real-time for any type of service -- voice, video, data or content. It is also a truly integrated pre/postpaid converged product with fully integrated CRM and billing.

In February FTS announced that it was working with HP to make network, service and payment products. FTS officials said this offering is targeted at service providers looking to blend services from multiple networks -- voice, video, data, and content -- supporting prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid payment methods.


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