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OpenAjax Alliance Releases CRM Mashup Best Practices, Security Paper

September 25, 2007

OpenAjax Alliance, an organization "dedicated to the successful adoption of open and interoperable Ajax-based Web technologies," according to Alliance officials, has revealed what Alliance officials are calling "initiatives for secure mashups and mobile Ajax, as well as a new white paper on Ajax security."

Ajax is the technology behind the increasingly popular "mashup," a Website or application that combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience.
"Developing an Ajax-based ERP/CRM system for accountants and others accustomed to functionality and responsiveness in a traditional desktop application, we have focused on features and speed improvements," said Espen Antonsen, System Developer, 24SevenOffice. "Cross-platform issues have in the past been marginalized due to time constraints. Now with new Ajax-toolkits emerging and the OpenAjax interoperability we can achieve cross-platform easier and quicker."
The alliance released a white paper titled "Ajax and Mashup Security," summarizing the ways in which Ajax applications can be attacked and providing a set of best practice techniques to address each of the vulnerability areas. It's available at
Simultaneous with finalization activities on OpenAjax Hub 1.0, the alliance has begun work on OpenAjax Hub 1.1, which will extend OpenAjax Hub to add support for secure mashups and to enable mediated Comet-style client-server messaging. As with OpenAjax Hub 1.1, the alliance will deliver both a specification and a commercial-quality open source reference implementation.
The secure mashup features of OpenAjax Hub 1.1 will isolate mashup components in secure "sandboxes" and use the OpenAjax Hub's publish/subscribe features to achieve mediated cross-component messaging.
Earlier this year Microsoft joined the OpenAjax Alliance to "collaborate with other industry leaders to help evolve Ajax-style development by ensuring a high degree of interoperability," said Keith Smith, group product manager of the Core Web Platform & Tools to UX Web/Client Platform & Tools team at Microsoft.
By joining OpenAjax, Smith said, Microsoft is "continuing its commitment to empower Web developers with technology that works cross-browser and cross-platform."
OpenAjax Alliance members include 24SevenOffice, ActiveGrid, ActiveState, Appeon, Aptana, Arimaan Global Consulting, Custom Credit Systems (Thinwire), ESRI, Getahead (DWR), Global Computer Enterprises, GoETC, Helmi Technologies, HR-XML, iPolipo, Isomorphic Software, JSSL, Lightstreamer, Microsoft, MobileAware, NetScript Technologies, OpenSpot, OpenSymphony (OpenQA), OpSource, OS3.IT, Redmonk, Tealeaf Technology, Teleca Mobile, Transmend, Visible Measures, Visual WebGui and Volantis Systems.

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