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VoicePort Announces CircPort OnDemand Fixed Price Option

September 19, 2007

VoicePort has released a fixed price option for its hosted product, CircPort OnDemand.
The CircPort suite of products is a new generation speech recognition circulation Integrated Voice Response (IVR). The IVR offers automation of circulation calls received from subscribers with the help of advanced speech recognition, which analyzes caller requests and processes them.

"Our customers and prospects told us that the availability of a hosted fixed price alternative was important to them. With everyone's budgets at historically low levels, we heard loud and clear that predicting expenses each month has become increasingly important, particularly for smaller newspapers," Kevin Cawley, Director of North American Sales, was quoted as saying in a report. "We pride ourselves on being flexible and offering solutions that adapt to meet the changing needs of our customers; the new fixed price option is just one more way of demonstrating our commitment."
VoicePort has been credited with the launch of the first hosted speech enabled IVR application. The CircPort OnDemand solution enables customers to reduce capital outlay, traditionally incurred while using an on-premise application and with the new application, users need only pay for actual monthly usage.
Much focus is being placed on the development of new solutions to reduce costs while sustaining the quality of customer service. VoicePort has already received rave reviews for the hosted solution. At the same time, the company has also witnessed a growth in its hosted customer base.
Customers are typically faced with issues in monthly budget forecasting, since call volumes are not consistent every month. With the fixed price option of the CircPort OnDemand product, small and mid-sized customers can control the costs pertaining to volume fluctuations.
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