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The APW-2000 Mobile WiMAX Wave 2 Baseband SoC Launched

September 10, 2007

ApaceWave Technologies has launched its APW-2000 Mobile Station System-on-a-Chip (SoC).

This high-performance, low-power, mobile WiMAX baseband SoC contains PHY, MAC, embedded CPU, and multiple data interfaces. The APW-2000 is supported by powerful mobile station software, and requires a minimum of external components to create WiMAX modems for CPE's, PC Cards, USB adapters, and portable handheld devices.

The APW-2000 architecture and algorithms are based on ApaceWave’s IP portfolio of over 20 patents, and were engineered for low-power, high data rate, and exceptional performance under full-mobility channel conditions. ApaceWave Technologies’ APW-2000 supports all 802.16 mobile WiMAX Wave 2 features, including MIMO Matrix A & B, and Beam Forming.

Gwong-Yih Lee, CEO of ApaceWave Technologies explains that ODMs (Original Design Manufacturers) face the challenge of reducing overall costs as markets mature. Lee said that ApaceWave proactively aligned product features and support with these pressing ODM needs and believes this unique focus, combined with top-performance technology, makes ApaceWave's SoC a true lowest-total-cost solution.

ApaceWave has R&D facilities in both the US and China. The company combines its WiMAX technology with a strategy of serving the ODM sector through product features and local expert support to ease manufacturing challenges.

“ApaceWave understands the ODM model and their long-term mass production needs,” said Kevin Xu, VP of Business Development and Product Marketing for ApaceWave in a statement.

Xu continued: “We have demonstrated our technology to large ODMs, and they have expressed interest in working with us to evaluate our SoC and reference designs when our chip becomes available.”

ApaceWave reportedly validated the APW-2000 design using a sophisticated FPGA board which they tested at Plugfest #3 in France, and on which they have successfully demonstrated streaming video, voice, data, and MIMO operation.

According to Peter Jarich, research director with Current Analysis, the real opportunity in WiMAX is likely to develop over the next several years.

“If the ecosystem develops as planned and scale ramps, the field of vendors will naturally narrow and ODMs will become a critical leverage point. Any company hoping to succeed in the market will need to plan for this eventuality,” said Jarich.

ApaceWave Technologies is a WiMAX SoC developer, strategically positioned to enable global market adoption of WiMAX devices through technology leadership and close alignment with industry and manufacturing partner needs.


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