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Noble Composer 9.2 Web Agent Launched

August 23, 2010

For creating Web-based contact center agent desktops, Noble Systems Corporation, a major player in innovative contact center technology solutions, has introduced Noble Composer 9.2 Web Agent, the next generation of Noble Systems’ powerful and versatile interface.

To include greater functionality for browser-based applications, Noble Composer 9.2 Web Agent builds upon the scalable desktop unification design tools introduced in the award-winning Noble Composer program. The Noble Composer desktop solutions streamline agent workflows to improve productivity and overall customer experience.

Noble Composer 9.2 Web Agent has been designed using the Microsoft Windows .NET framework to ensure unmatched flexibility. It is used to support all major browsers and operating systems.

The program, because it functions in a web-based environment, can be accessed from any location through a broad array of desktop and mobile devices, seamlessly integrating work-from-home agents and off-site personnel.

Some of the enhanced capabilities featured in Noble Composer 9.2 Web Agent include:

·         Intuitive desktop design tools in a point-and-click environment that allows users to develop customized workflows without programming knowledge or expensive technical assistance;

·         Flexible agent desktop screens that enable users to allow agent access to tools by campaign for point-and-click navigation;

·         Web-based support for Noble Mimic, an agent desktop management portal that utilizes common interfaces for multiple data sources, workflow automation, call scripts and tools for communicating with customers;

·         Lightweight Directory Access Protocol support to avoid the confusion of multiple agent login IDs. LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory service integration allow simplified user administration including addition and deletion of users, management of user permissions and user authentication;

·         Enhanced support for the award-winning Noble Composer Debtor Contact Management System, a customizable workspace that empowers account recovery agents to move seamlessly between predictive, preview and ‘push-to-connect’ dialing

“Noble Composer Web Agent continues to evolve, offering even more advantages for the web-based agent environment,” James K. Noble, Jr., President and CEO of Noble Systems, says. “It combines the award-winning functionality of Noble Composer to unify the agent desktop with an expanding suite of features that improve flexibility, productivity and the customer experience. What’s more, Composer 9.2 Web Agent delivers results without requiring expensive transitions to a new operating system or agent device.”

In related news, Noble Systems Corporation  empowers productivity and efficiency for industries ranging from banking to collections, fundraising and healthcare, so their telemarketing, appointment setting, survey and other contact center needs, exceed expectations.

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Edited by Erin Harrison