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Sprint Honored By Frost & Sullivan for Value Enhancement in Consumer Location-Based Services

July 16, 2010

Sprint has a long tradition of receiving accolades for the value and service it provides customers. This year is no exception.

After getting recognition by Gartner and American Customer Satisfaction Index, Frost & Sullivan is the latest market research firm to name Sprint as the recipient of one of its prestigious awards.  

Sprint Nextel has recently announced that it has received the 2010 North American Customer Value Enhancement Award in Consumer Location-Based Services, from Frost & Sullivan.
The company recently received recognition for its popular Any Mobile, Anytime pricing plan for making the largest two-year improvement in customer satisfaction across all industries according to the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index results. That apart, the company also received a 2010 Gartner and 1to1 Media CRM Excellence Award for its customer satisfaction improvements.
"With unlimited data and GPS navigation included in our Everything Data plans, Sprint gives customers more value and the freedom to use their phone the way they want to," said Len Barlik, vice president of wireless and wireline services for Sprint. "That's why we offer access to thousands of apps on our Android, BlackBerry and even feature phones and make it easier for developers to create and innovate. We're pleased to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan for the value we offer our customers with GPS apps and for empowering more developers to create location-based apps."
In selecting Sprint as the winner of its Value Enhancement Award, Frost & Sullivan considered the company's contributions in the following categories:

• Easy customer access to a wide variety of GPS apps;
• Tools for developers to access its location platform, allowing them to easily create location-based apps for Sprint customers;
• Protection of customer privacy and security;
• Variety of pricing options.
Sprint has the longest history of providing location-based services in the wireless industry, beginning with the first location and mobility services in 2000; the first GPS-enabled cell phone to support E911 services in 2001; the first navigation service on wireless phones with turn-by-turn driving directions in 2003; and the first family location service in 2006.

"Sprint's tendency in the LBS sector to date has been to offer a wide array of LBS solutions to customers. Sprint's strategic decision to offer developers access to trusted service enablers to create location-based services is consistent with Sprint's philosophy of encouraging and enabling application development. Frost & Sullivan applauds this move by Sprint and views it as an act of innovative leadership that will help expand and evolve the consumer LBS sector," Jeanine Sterling, senior industry analyst for Frost & Sullivan, explained.

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