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TARGUSinfo Says Not all Caller Name Services Satisfies Customers

July 14, 2010

Telecommunications in the US is undergoing a revolution. Corporations are attempting to leverage their competencies in the deregulated environment in order to enhance their competitive position. Everyday, millions of Americans and American businesses make or receive more than three billion phone calls. Many call recipients want to screen their calls and Caller ID or Caller Name services before attending that call. The consumers answer the question-"Do I really want to answer that call right now?"

Today, TARGUSinfo announced the availability of The Paisley Group 2010 Competitive Customer Satisfaction Survey which details that not all Caller Name services provide the same high levels of consumer satisfaction. The survey reveals that customer satisfaction with Caller Name display is highly correlated with the service that has the best data coverage to correctly display the actual name of inbound callers. This survey is a follow-on study to The Paisley Group 2008 Caller Name Audit. The 2008 study evaluated Caller Name delivery platforms for level of coverage, accuracy and display protocols to assist telecommunications carriers - MSOs, ILECs and CLECs - in choosing the level of service and cost of provisioning Caller Name services to their subscribers.
This new 2010 report examines the Caller Name services from the consumer's perspective. Jeff Rudolph, president and CEO, The Paisley Group Ltd. said that the research shows that the coverage and quality of Caller Name services differ widely across telecommunications carriers and the gap is continuing to widen.
George Moore, CEO and chairman, TARGUSinfo said that The evidence is clear and the market share growth of carriers who focus on quality services including TARGUSinfo's authoritative Caller Name service is staggering and the clients don't believe in a "good enough;" they believe in balancing quality service with cost. TARGUSinfo is the leading independent provider of Caller Name services offering more the 410 million Caller Name/phone combinations to more than 200 telecommunications carriers including cable, VoIP, ILECs, CLECs and wireless operators.
The Paisley Group Ltd. is the independent auditor of information services for telecoms and private companies worldwide - directory assistance, toll assistance and relay services.
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