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Businesses Earning Competitive Edge Over Competitors with TrainingMark Accreditation

June 18, 2010

The Institute of Customer Service was created for stipulating benchmarks in customer service performance and professionalism.

The Institute, which has a wide ranging organizational and individual membership base spanning over private and public sectors, gives TrainingMark accreditation to businesses and organizations that meet rigorous standards on customer service.
To obtain the coveted accreditation, the organizations must also demonstrate that their own training courses meet national standards for service professionals.
Obtaining the accreditation means a lot for the players in the customer care and service industry. These neutral endorsements can go a long way to testify that companies' own training courses are of the highest quality. And most importantly, an accreditation as prestigious as TrainingMark offer businesses a competitive edge over their rivals.
According to the institute, achieving TrainingMark demonstrates individual competence across the organization and total management commitment to delivering excellent service in all areas of the business.
"Companies whose training programs are recognized by the Institute's independent accreditation can achieve a business advantage over competitors. They can see where their training stands and receive expert guidance on how it can be improved," the Institute's chief executive, Jo Causon said
"This ground-breaking scheme offers employers in all sectors a perfect partnership. Accreditation by the UK's professional body for customer service is a valuable endorsement of an employer's internal training. It's also a powerful statement for any organization to make to customers and competitors because it demonstrates an unwavering commitment to deliver customer service of the highest quality," Jo Cason said. "Apart from confirming an employer's commitment to training, independent endorsement gives people a feel-good factor about their organisation's development programmes."
TrainingMark accreditation is ideal for large organizations with established customer service or contact centre training courses organizations developing large-scale internal customer service or contact centre courses specialist service providers delivering many customer service training events. The companies that have already achieved TrainingMark accreditation include Ford Retail, Santander, Virgin Media and British Council.
Ford Retail, which was determined to set a new benchmark in customer care experience, took up 'Moments of Truth' customer service initiative - a GBP1.2 million training investment aimed at helping the company to deliver the best service experiences to customers throughout the industry. Ford Retail's accreditation was achieved following an in-depth assessment of this initiative.
"We are determined to set ourselves apart by delivering world-class customer experiences and lead the way in doing this," said CEO of Ford Retail Chris Hayden. "Achieving TrainingMark accreditation for our customer service training programme demonstrates that we provide excellent service."

Madhubanti Rudra is a contributing editor for ContactCenterSolutions. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Marisa Torrieri