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Microsoft Introduces New ERP Solution, Dynamics GP 2010

April 22, 2010

The value of ERP solutions are well known to businesses big and small and the solution becomes even more valuable when it comes from the stable of Microsoft. With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 debuting in the market, the industry got yet another ground breaking ERP solution. In the launch, Microsoft informed that the product has been designed  an easy-to-use enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for midsize businesses, seeking advanced functionality, strong business intelligence reporting options and interoperability with other line-of-business applications.

This new Microsoft offering comes loaded with features which include new Role Centers, out-of-the-box Web services and the ability to complete tasks through other software people use every day. The company in its press release maintains that Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 keeps to Microsoft's Dynamic Business vision by increasing the agility of an organization to embrace new challenges. It will be featured at the company's annual customer conference, Convergence 2010, April 24-27. With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, customers have two options---they can deploy the solution on-premises or via on-demand and subscription-based hosting models.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 is expected to make a number of value additions to the organizations'policy making and decision-making process.  With its personalized Role Centers, intuitive workflow processes and more than 350 integrated out of the box Web services, the product is expected to enhance insight, make it easier and extend connection for the businesses.

As expected, the product received warm response from customers.

"The new Role Centers and the ability to tap into SQL Server Analysis Services as well as SQL Server Reporting Services are significant. This allows for full drill-down capability -- a level of insight that should be new and welcome for former QuickBooks users," Todd M. Bowlsby said. He is senior dynamics consultant of InterDyn - Remington Consulting, a consulting company specializing in Microsoft Dynamics service offerings.

"With the out-of-the-box integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP, we are projecting a 25 percent reduction in call handle time, improving the efficiency and quality of our customer service. We've automated many of the processes that we used to handle manually and can now focus more on analyzing our data instead of figuring out how to move it. With real-time insight into our business, we can adjust our strategy more quickly," Rick Frazier, IT director of Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition Inc., said. The organization is known for health and fitness supplements products.

"By combining the power of business applications and productivity applications, we're able to support how people really work in their everyday jobs. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 is an excellent choice for companies experiencing growing pains with their current accounting software and looking for a solution that can scale," Crispin Read, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics ERP observed.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 will be available via Microsoft's extensive partner network in Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, the Middle East, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States on May 1. Local launch events will be held in various countries subsequently.

More information on the more than 65 U.S. launch events is available at

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