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Brightpoint Selects RedPrairie to Provide WMS and TMS Solutions

January 21, 2010

Brightpoint Inc., has announced its selection of RedPrairie Corporation to provide both Warehouse Management System and Transportation Management Systems solutions. This selection is expected to be executed as part of a global implementation schedule and is likely to start in the EMEA region in early 2010.

“Our global growth requires a technology solution that adapts to meet our clients’ evolving needs,” said Jac Currie, Chief Information Officer, Brightpoint, Inc., in a statement. “RedPrairie’s platform will help to enhance our competitive edge through improved supply chain visibility, innovation and functionality.”

In order to dictate the pace at which Brightpoint applies the RedPrairie platform, the company must take into account the increasing complexities in its global business and its customers’ current and future requirements.

RedPrairie has built an industry reputation with its productivity solutions as they have been proven to help companies to support their business strategies for increasing revenue, reducing costs and creating a competitive advantage.
Brightpoint selected the RedPrairie solution based on the competitive selection process, such as workshops, direct reference interaction, evaluation of technical architecture and the continuity of suppliers.

“RedPrairie looks forward to helping Brightpoint meet their customers’ needs with the implementation of our WMS and TMS solutions,” said Mike Mayoras, CEO of RedPrairie. “These solutions help address needs for speed, accuracy, visibility and flexibility required to manage increasingly complex, global supply chains. We are pleased to be working alongside a company who places such a high premium on customer service.”

To centralize specific business support functions to be shared across all of Brightpoint properties, Brightpoint Europe will continue to develop the Business Services Center. The company will also continue to execute its plan of consolidating its current warehouse facilities and creating strategically located hubs or Centers of Excellence.

The addition of the RedPrairie platform and the Centers of Excellence is expected to produce efficiencies, enhancements and best practices necessary to meet cost and effectiveness objectives in the region.

In other Brightpoint news, the company announced in November that it entered into an agreement with Time Warner Cable Inc. to provide a suite of integrated supply chain solutions that include transportation management, inventory management, device customization, fulfillment and reverse logistics.

In August, the company reportedly signed a multi-year reverse logistics agreement with Boost Mobile. Under the deal agreement, Brightpoint will perform all reverse logistics services for Boost Mobile.

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