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Cutting Costs in the Call Center without Cutting Customers

January 21, 2010

As companies throughout the world are trying to emerge from the recession in one piece, many are trying to cut costs in a way that preserves the mission of the company. The most common methods for cost reduction continue to pop up in the call center and include more distributed agents; a decreased headcount; turnover reduction; reduced technology costs; and a decreased headcount.

While each can be effective in cutting costs, they also have the potential to create customer churn if not done correctly.
In a new white paper from Knowlagent, a provider of on-demand call center solutions that combine patented technology with a proven methodology for hiring, training, communications and coaching, the company presents a guide that outlines simple approaches to these methods to provide the “insurance” that cost cutting does not lead to customer cutting.

These approaches include: distributed agents are most effectively hired, trained and managed when there are defined, detailed agent qualifications that apply to all agents, no matter where they sit; to effectively operate with a decreased headcount, the call center should train in short intervals during idle time; self-service can only be successful when a pervasive and constant method of training and communications is part of the call center’s infrastructure; turnover is effectively reduced when expectations are clearly set from the beginning; and technology costs are easily reduced through Software as a Service (SaaS).
Click here to view the white paper, “Cost-Cutting Insurance for Customer Service: A Guide for Reducing Costs without Sacrificing Customer Loyalty” to find out more about proven methods to cut costs in the call center without sacrificing service quality or losing customers.

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