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Nuance Mobile Care Available on Select Samsung Phones

December 16, 2009

Self-service, on-device capability is now possible on select phones from Samsung. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Nuance Communications, Inc. have announced that Nuance Mobile Care will power this capability, bringing it to more consumers on a broad range of feature phones and smartphones within the Samsung handset portfolio.

The Samsung phones to offer the Nuance Mobile Care by mobile operators through commercial availability include the Samsung Highlight, Samsung Gravity and the Samsung Comeback. A strategy has been put in place by Nuance and Samsung to continuously expand Mobile Care across future Samsung handsets.
With Nuance Mobile Care, users gain the ability to automatically resolve common problems directly on the mobile phone, including the diagnosis and repair of configuration problems, as well as making account inquiries, upgrading their accounts and paying bills.

According to a recent study, Nuance Mobile Care is the preferred channel for customer care. Carried out by Added Value, this study found that 62 percent of respondents preferred the Nuance Mobile Care application, especially in terms of ease of use by 70 percent, ease of understanding by 64 percent and speed by 55 percent.

More than half of the respondents – or 59 percent – reported that Nuance Mobile Care would be their preferred channel of customer care as compared with only 34 percent that would opt instead to deal with a live customer service agent. Only one percent indicated they favored Web self-service.
“With increasingly time-pressured lifestyles, solving service issues quickly and efficiently is of utmost importance to mobile phone consumers. This research shows that Nuance Mobile Care is a credible and preferred alternative,” says Tom Wells, associate director at Added Value, in a statement.
“This positive customer experience has the potential not only to increase overall customer satisfaction, but also enhances the reputation of the mobile operator who implements Nuance Mobile Care.”

Aggregate data collected from deployments and trials in North America and Europe reveal that 60 percent of calls were resolved directly on the handset, which leads to meaningful bottom line savings. The average live agent call carries a cost of roughly $5 and the average subscriber initiates a call to customer service once a month.
“Nuance Mobile Care is being adopted by operators and handset manufacturers alike, not only to lower costs in the call center, but as a way to elevate the user experience and drive brand loyalty,” said Bob Wise, senior vice president and general manager of Nuance Mobile Care, Nuance Enterprise. “Samsung has made their customers a top priority by adopting innovation that matters the most to consumers – customer care.”

This isn’t the only avenue of partnership for Nuance and Samsung. The companies also announced that Nuance’s T9 and XT9 predictive text input products will be shipped across Samsung’s global portfolio of mobile phones. With the new T9 and XT9 support, Samsung will be able to provide predictive text capabilities to a broad range of consumers in all of its markets.

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