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Free White Paper: Increase Customer Satisfaction and ROI with Predictive Analytics

December 04, 2009

Thanks to the wealth of information available via today’s advanced Internet technologies, businesses can predict the future and achieve success in a highly competitive marketplace.
The wealth of information regarding customers is the “golden ticket” for businesses when it comes to the Internet. With this information, and predictive analytics, businesses have the potential to drastically increase customer satisfaction and ROI.

Using predictive analytics, Chicago-based predictive analytics software and solutions provider notes, businesses can translate actionable insight for contact center agents.
In a free white paper from SPSS titled, “Turning Customer Interactions into Money: Using Predictive Analytics to Achieve Stellar ROI,” the company says that data and text-mining can be used to identify customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction drivers and that information can then be combined with specific customer feedback or complaints to uncover and introduce new processes and actions that will drive change and ultimately improve enterprise profitability.
“Wide-ranging changes in nearly every aspect of business makes customer behavior a critical “need-to-know” application,” SPSS notes.
“Companies that break this need down to its most basic business applications and accurately monitor and measure ROI for predictive analytics will embrace change rather than being displaced and made irrelevant in the marketplace. They will not only be able to predict customer results, they will be able to predict the future.”
Check out the free white paper from Peppers & Rogers Group and SPSS Inc. to better understand the case for using predictive analytics and to find out best practices from several global companies. Check it out HERE.

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