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Aurix Survey Names Biggest Call Center Frustrations

December 02, 2009

A recent survey conducted by speech search specialist Aurix shows the majority of clients aren’t happy with call center agents.
Poor interactions with clients and incapability to go beyond the scripted talking are the attributed reasons for the frustration. Fewer than two percent of the participants expressed happiness about the interactions with the agents.
Over 100 clients participated in the online random survey to select a list of frequent complaints about the call center agents. The lists of complaints included “impolite” and “nasty behavior,” “tactlessness” and “obvious efforts to sell products while evading answers to pertinent questions.” The online survey was conducted utilizing Surveymonkey a tool developed by Aurix.

Aurix recently introduced Gopher-it, a desktop speech exploring and investigating product. The product is designed to help the call center managers to monitor the performance of the agents in response to the clients.
The built-in tool allows the call center to categorize all the offensive words and phrases used during the interactions and take initiatives to identify the actual performance of the agents and reactions of the clients. The tool also provides a logical advantage to seize the situation at the basic level to restrain further offences and to install proper procedures to improve the business, Aurix reps said.
“Call-center agents and their managers face a host of challenges in their daily job,” said Peter Rogers, CEO at Aurix. “But with the ability to quickly and easily search speech in call recordings, they can identify any bottlenecks, dealing with skills gaps or poor communication. In addition, the technology can be utilised to identify customer grievances – cutting out issues which cause customer frustrations at the earliest possible stage.”
Aurix said it has efficiently developed the high-level speech recognition technology for commercial use. The search software is built utilizing the gained expertise and intelligence of military organizations. The software is designed to meet the requirements of four important sectors such as the contact center, data search, security and intelligence and IT security.

Jyothi Mahalingham is a contributing editor for ContactCenterSolutions. To read more of Jyothi's articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Marisa Torrieri