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German Mail Order Company Extends WFM with InVision

August 26, 2009

The Neckermann.Contact Customer Services GmbH has announced an extension to its workforce management solution by implementing InVision Enterprise WFM from InVision Software AG. Additional modules added to this solution should help the company to streamlines operations and produce a better bottom line.

The ForecastPro module helps toe establish detailed staff requirement forecasts. The modules OnlineCockpit and AdherenceMonitor are designed to ensure efficient controlling of the staff scheduling process. All three modules together enable Neckermann.Contact Customer Services GmbH to service a comprehensive customer care for the German mail-order company, Neckermann.

Customer service agents for Neckermann already have had the experienced of successfully scheduling for years with the InVision Software solution from InVision Software AG, an international provider of enterprise-wide workforce management (WFM) solutions.

With the new extensions to the system, InVision Enterprise WFM now supports the whole process of demand-oriented workforce management at Neckermann's service centers – from forecasting to scheduling, optimization, analysis and monitoring.

"The deployment of the InVision solution has already proven of value in the optimized scheduling of more than 1,000 of our agents. The new modules enable a detailed forecasting of the expected workload and of the required labor resources as well as an optimized monitoring of the entire workforce management of our service centers - on one single platform", confirmed René Luederitz, Project Leader Staff Scheduling of Neckermann.Contact Customer Services GmbH, in a statement.

InVision Enterprise WFM can be tailored to meet individual company requirements, allowing a customer to decide which planning steps should be supported by means of the Web-based, modular solution.

With open interfaces, the software can be integrated smoothly into existing IT environments and connected to numerous external systems. It also allows the staff planner to optimize staffing through the creation of schedules that at all times conform to the actual requirement.

The solution also works to help users to observe all relevant legislation, local agreements and the contracts of individual employees, including work-life balance guidelines. At the same time, employees can also be involved in the planning process. 

"We are very happy to announce the expansion of our long-standing and successful collaboration with Neckermann", said Peter Bollenbeck, CEO of InVision Software AG. "Using InVision Enterprise WFM now comprehensively, the Neckermann customer service can realize an integrated, completely rounded workforce management. On the one hand, this eases the workflows for the employees and provides reliable data for planning. On the other hand, a consistent customer service level can be ensured."

InVision recently offered insight into workforce management solutions based on its InVision Enterprise WFM in a Q & A with TMC writer Patrick Barnard. The company’s vice president of sales, Craig R. Sambaugh shared his vision of the current market and what companies can expect into the future.

Last fall, the company was recognized by Frost & Sullivan for its competitive edge in a dynamic industry. InVision Software AG received the 2008 EMEA Agent Performance Optimization (APO) Competitive Strategy Leadership Award. 

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