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Latest Outbound Campaign Manager Available from Contact Solutions

July 22, 2009

Contact Solutions has announced the availability of the latest release of its Outbound Campaign Manager. This solution is designed to be a completely on-demand outbound contact center application that offers customers the rich data integration, reporting and optimization capabilities typically found in an inbound solution, at a competitive price.

Outbound Campaign Manager is positioned as offering significant advantages over traditional on-premise dialer products as it offers interfaces to text, fax and e-mail services for multi-channel notifications.

The solution also leverages all standard reports developed within Contact Solutions’ Continuous Improvement Methodology and integrated outbound/inbound program performance analyses developed specific to the requirements of a specific client.

Mark Whittle, Contact Solutions chief operating officer, said in a statement: "For all its features, Outbound Campaign Manager is foremost a money-saver. Whether applied as an integrated inbound/outbound solution or part of a dedicated outbound campaign, our clients appreciate that Contact Solutions' On-Demand environment can accommodate peak volumes and volume spikes without requiring the additional CapEx exposure typical of our competitors' solutions."

In addition to the broad feature set of the Outbound Campaign Manager, the company also offers the benefits of a dedicated professional services organization. If a project is of a sizeable nature and timing is crucial, Contact Solutions can design and launch a robust solution in a matter of weeks.

"Clients have also reported that their costs are further reduced because Outbound Campaign Manager adds call center integration flexibility, thus lowering the burden on their IT resources."

Outbound Campaign Manager is part of a consistently evolving feature set developed as a result of feedback from Contact Solutions’ customers. The company continues to focus on offering comprehensive reporting, analytics and Continuous Improvement Methodology in all products to maintain their customer base and continue to drive market share.

"Our customers have realized great results with Contact Solutions' Inbound solutions and are rewarding us with their Outbound programs now as well," said Contact Solutions' CEO Paul Logan. "Outbound applications continue to grow at twice the speed of our inbound volume, which is projected to double in the next 12-18 months."

Excellence in customer service is not only the standard, it is the demanded requirement out of each and every customer. Considering the amount of competition nearly every company faces, not one of them can afford to allow for a bad customer interaction. As one TMC contributor highlighted, achieving excellence in service isn’t easy; it can be a much smoother process if a company turns to proven providers such as Contact Solutions.

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