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CXO Global Solutions Adds Unified Communications Solutions to Portfolio

July 17, 2009

CXO Global Solutions, a managed services firm focused on the customer experience and business productivity solutions, is now offering unified communications solutions.

Unified communications, including the implementation of managed VoIP, has seen significant growth in recent years. Companies have recognized the productivity and cost benefits of combining disparate business communications applications and devices and tying them together under a single platform.

Cost savings are realized though unified communications as it triggers a series of improvements that extend throughout an organization. As a result, individuals are able to improve their productivity while workgroups are able to foster better collaboration. Additional benefits include such things as reduced infrastructure and support costs, operational efficiency, enhanced workforce mobility and reduced energy consumption.

"One of the biggest advantages of unified communications for every business, especially in this challenging economic environment, is the ability to control costs, while still providing a fully operational, supportive work environment," explained Michael Haines, senior vice president and chief information officer for CXO Global Solutions, in a release. "Unified communications provides the flexibility and capability for a business to do that."

To help drive its value in the market, CXO has compiled a team of experienced consultants with both voice communication and software expertise, a unique combination of skills that can deliver a holistic and knowledgeable view of the customer’s current and future communications environment. This team has successfully deployed a range of unified communications solutions in a variety of environments.

"We're very fortunate that there is tremendous expertise in unified communications – specifically the voice services and integration component – in the Kansas City area," said CXO Global Solutions President and CEO Bryan DiGiorgio. "We're able to tap into that talent to deliver compelling services and industry expertise to our customers.

CXO offers a portfolio that includes strategic services, turnkey premised-based design and implementation capabilities that include overall network and system architecture and purchase of all components.

The company also offers a full suite of monitoring and ongoing administrative management services. CXO plans to introduce SaaS during the second half of 2009, which will allow for the purchase of access to a unified communications environment on a "per-user" basis with no up-front investment or back-office infrastructure.

"Our entrance into unified communications marks the next logical evolution of our business," DiGiorgio added. "It complements our call center oversight and management capabilities, enabling us to meet the communications and productivity needs of a variety of clients."

CXO Global has been touting its latest customer wins, focusing on its ability to help drive customer service and acquisition. Earlier this year, the company expanded its business offerings to deliver complete customer lifecycle management and managed call center services. Now with the addition of unified communications capabilities, CXO is positioned to drive dominance in its market.

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