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AI & NLP on Display in Dialpad Support

December 07, 2018

Each customer interaction is opportunity. Each conversation delivers the chance to cement customer loyalty or lead to a viral social media campaign. Innovation in contact center solutions is producing feature-rich, cloud-powered, future-forward offerings to ensure customer service levels exceed expectations.

Dialpad announced the arrival of Dialpad Support for call centers, an Artificial Intelligence-powered contact center solution bringing together natural language processing and AI in a user-friendly interface to drive customer satisfaction and agent performance.

The Dialpad Support solution was developed on the Goggle Cloud Platform and promises: real-time call transcription; high-speed performance; real-time sentiment analysis and service level dashboards; seamless coaching and quality management; real-time recommendations; and real-time alerts.

"Dialpad Support is a one-stop solution for modern support teams. Not only does it provide agents with the tools necessary to dramatically enhance customer experience, it does so without trapping growing businesses in the volatile rate structures typically offered by other service providers," said Dialpad Chief Executive Officer Craig Walker. "Dialpad Support also allows growing support teams to incorporate real-time artificial intelligence into their customer experience strategies, drive business growth, and unlock the voice of the customer all while saving an average of 25 to 50 percent on software costs."

The contact center is an entity deserving of the innovation at hand. Customer service is a priority, and contact center agents deserve only the best in tools to over-deliver to even the most demanding customers.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle