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Dynamic Recovery Solutions Deploys Speech Analytics

October 30, 2018

The contact center is a customer engagement hub, serving all manners of business. A technology taking the reins in enhancing contact center operations is analytics.

CallMiner announced Dynamic Recovery Solutions is deploying the CallMiner Coach and Analyze modules to improve operational efficiency and performance. The late stage collection recovery service provider specializes in post-charge off collections hopes to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

“When we started looking into speech analytics, we were listening to only about 1% of calls per month so we wanted to dig deeper into our calls to determine where we could improve operational efficiency across scenarios like first party contact,” said Jason Hinkle, Vice President of Operations at Dynamic Recovery Solutions. “After we reviewed several companies, CallMiner offered the depth we needed to make an impact on operations. The others were just compliance engines.”

CallMiner Eureka mining engine serves as the backbone of the deployment, supporting the selected modules. The Coaching module delivers role-based dashboards including targeted guidance for supervisors and agents. The addition of the Analyze module offers sentiment analysis, topic discovery, post-contact call scoring and transcription.

“The Coach platform played a big role in our final decision,” said Hinkle. “No other solution had something that tailored to the agent. Most of the data from other products was a summary of what we already had in QA reporting.”

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Edited by Maurice Nagle