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Five9 Integrates with TetraVX on Enterprise Contact Center Solution

September 26, 2018

The cloud was once an uncharted territory, an unexplored frontier forecasted for the future of networking as well as enterprise communication and collaboration. From the contact center, to the c-suite and beyond, the cloud is permeating every nook and cranny.

This week, TetraVX announced a new integration with Five9, putting Five9’s cloud contact center software into the nVX solution. The comprehensive offering is targeted squarely at the enterprise.

In specific, the integration translates to improved first call resolution through elevated telephony through common address directories, synchronized availability, call states and telephony integration.

“Integrating our solutions with Five9’s seemed like the next logical step in digitizing the customer journey and experience,” said Jimmy Carroll, Partner and Director of TetraVX. “The combination of our UC solutions and Five9’s contact center software gives users a seamless integrated experience that relieves them of the headaches they may have once encountered when communicating with contact centers.”

Integration is introducing enhanced communications across platforms with team members; a unified directory of shared contacts providing seamless transfers via four digit extensions; presence to deliver user availability across applications; and click-to-call provides an easy way to make a call from within an application.

“Together we are delivering a solution that users need,” said Dan Burkland, President of Five9. “We’re thrilled that our partnership and integration offers our customers unified support, a unified network and upheld quality standards that allows for easy and quick access to information, increasing functionality.”

The contact center is embracing cloud-based solutions with open arms, and for the enterprise, it is critical that contact center solution providers are offering a comprehensive portfolio to support mounting demands.

What solution is in your contact center?

Edited by Maurice Nagle