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What's a Contact Center Solution without WFO?

September 13, 2018

The cloud is more than a sand box; it is a launching pad. This transformative technology is laying the foundation for a software-defined and feature-rich future. Cloud communications solutions are setting the bar, and this week one of the industry’s more prominent players made quite the splash.

Twilio announced the acquisition of Ytica, a long time partner and provider of customizable contact center reporting, speech analytics and workforce optimization solutions. The Ytica solution set will come as components of the Twilio Flex contact center solution.

The Ytica purchase gives the Twilio platform a substantial boost, boasting pre-integrated WFO, which arms supervisors with real-time feedback to agents. The addition of Ytica’s offerings creates a more complete and comprehensive contact center offering for Twilio’s portfolio.

Sometimes the choice between building and buying can be a difficult one. in this instance, Twilio has been hands on with Ytica tech for some time and clearly saw purchasing the WFO firm as the smarter option.

"In working with Ytica over the past several years, it became clear they have both the most robust cloud architecture in the WFO space as well as the most similar perspective as Twilio on the value of customization for enterprise software," said Al Cook, general manager of Twilio Flex. "We've worked with many happy joint customers and knew that Ytica and Flex together could offer an enterprise-grade solution that is built for scale and far eclipses any other contact center solution currently in the market. We're thrilled to bring Ytica aboard team Twilio."

The contact center is no place to fool around, so arming agents with an arsenal of customer service tools is a good start, but a robust workforce optimization solution will put team members in a position to succeed.

What WFO is in your contact center?