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Study Highlights Obstacles to Omnichannel

September 12, 2018

Customer service is evolving, and as such companies are migrating toward taking an omnichannel approach. The contact center is at the core of customer service, so before you rush to “improve” operations it’s critical to ensure a plan is in place, and the organization can support deploying new channels of communications

This week, Calabrio announced the results of a new study. “The Danger of Digital: Why digital self-service without true omnichannel strategies risks the entire customer experience,” hammered home the notion that for too many firms are not doing due deployment diligence.

More than 1,000 customer experience and marketing leaders in the U.S. and across the pond in the U.K. were surveyed on how companies can deliver upon customer service expectations by ensuring internal processes support this initiative.

The results highlighted 93 percent understand the integral nature of offering an exceptional customer service, but less than half (45 percent) of respondents believe their companies are successful in their efforts. Training, budget and a lack of interaction data are noted as the primary hurdles from achieving omnichannel success.

“As digital channels increasingly become customers’ preferred method of service, companies can’t afford to let internal hurdles prevent them from providing the highest quality experience,” said Tom Goodmanson, president and CEO at Calabrio. “To meet customer expectations, companies shouldn’t look for a quick fix and simply add channels—they must do the hard work of planning and optimizing every step of the customer journey, both digital and in-person.”

Measure twice, cut once sounds like a good place to start your omnichannel journey.

Edited by Maurice Nagle