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Twilio, Google Cloud Contact Center AI Feature Easy Integration

July 27, 2018

No longer is the cloud murky territory, as this once unclear proposition is propelling an age of innovation and transformation, ushering in the digital era. The contact center is front and center in this time of evolution, with AI, NLU, chatbots and other future forward developments are driving change in the customer experience, and raising the bar for those developing contact center solutions.

Cloud communications platform provider Twilio announced a partnership with Google Cloud, which will result in the integration of Contact Center AI into Twilio Flex.

Marks & Spencer recently enhanced its contact center experience via automation, using Twilio’s Natural Language Routing and Google Cloud to build an intelligent IVR and ensure each caller is paired with the best possible agent.

"Thanks to Twilio's platform, which integrates easily with Google Cloud's AI capabilities, Marks & Spencer is able to equip our colleagues with the tools they need to improve the customer experience and reduce operational costs" said Chris McGrath, IT programme manager at Marks & Spencer.

The combined solution is comprised of three components. Virtual Agent is an AI bot designed to leverage data resources  and back end to interact with customers. The Analytics piece leverages enterprise data and knowledge to better train virtual agents and products assisting agents. Agent Assist streamlines the contact center experience by passing a customer to a live agent is necessary, and offer agents suggestions on ways to better assist agents.  

"Contact Center AI empowers enterprises to use artificial intelligence to complement and enhance their contact centers," said Rajen Sheth, director of product management at Google. "Google Cloud's goal is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to use AI for contact centers through our relationships with key partners like Twilio."

The contact center is the front line of customer service, and the cloud is playing a key role in revolutionizing this key component to organizational success.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle