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IDC Names 5 Conversational AI Innovators

July 02, 2018

International Data Corp. today named Artificial Solutions, CogniCor, Inbenta,, and Personetics as IDC Innovators in the conversational AI platforms market.

“Conversational AI platforms are used to build applications that answer questions, provide advice and/or recommendations using natural language processing and other dialog related technologies,” IDC said.

The research firm noted that adoption of consumer tools like Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, and Google Assistant helped spark this movement. It added that conversational AI solutions can enhance or replace traditional customer service practices and resources such as human agents, IVRs, live chat, and mobile and web interfaces.

“These platforms facilitate the development of intelligent, advisory, conversational applications, including intelligent assistants,” IDC said. “The technology components of these platforms include text analytics, tagging, searching, machine learning, categorization, clustering, hypothesis generation, and question answering.”

Artificial Solutions offers a solution called Teneo. It allows business users and developers to quickly create natural language applications.

CogniCor technology allows people to create chatbots that can understand context and respond to complex queries. This solution was designed for IT helpdesk automation, lead generation automation, sales and underwriting automation, and

wealth management advice automation use cases.

Inbenta employs artificial intelligence and natural language processing to match user questions with intent. (Inbenta is the company involved in last month’s Ticketmaster data breach.) offers a bot building tool, AI, NLP, and ML to turn human requests and system data into conversations. The company notes it offers robust security controls and an admin console as part of its solution. 

Personetics offers cognitive chatbot solutions for the financial services industry. “Cognitive analysis, personalized decision-making and curation represent three areas where AI can support financial recommendations,” Personetics says.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle