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CxEngage Injected with Quality Management

June 27, 2018

Quality should be priority in the contact center. Each customer interaction affords the opportunity to cement return business or turn into the next viral video making the social media rounds. Quality management solutions offer a way to manage these interactions, and deliver on quality expectations.

Serenova announced the integration of CXEngage Quality Management (CxQM)  into CXEngage, Serenova’s CCaaS solution. The robust quality management solution will provide deep insight. Enabling contact center managers the ability to oversee and elevate customer experience.

“We’ve long believed that as the customer experience becomes a greater focus in businesses of all sizes, the technology and tools that support these initiatives must also evolve,” said John Lynch, CEO of Serenova.

In specific, CxQM empowers contact center management to better prep and train agents; sleep well knowing the contact center is compliant and secure; monitor for things like script, company policy or quality standard adherence; better target training needs to improve coaching; and provide continual eLearning content managers can assign directly to agents.

Lynch continued, “Serenova is committed to enhancing the capabilities of CxEngage to empower our customers to capitalize on market trends, ensure customer loyalty, and create a competitive advantage. We acquired TelStrat, a leading WFO provider, to further augment our contact center portfolio to keep pace with customer needs. Within months of that acquisition, we’ve been able to unify the power of our CxEngage with Quality Management. CxQM is a critical milestone in delivering on our vision of providing a global, cloud-based platform to improve agent performance and, in turn, build better customer experiences.”

The contact center is key to the customer experience, and modern contact center solutions are delivering the tools required to meet the lofty expectations of each caller.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle