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New Vonage Nexmo Offering Enable Contact Center Customization

June 27, 2018

We hear a lot lately about how delivering unique customer experiences can enable businesses to stand out in the marketplace. To help allow for such differentiation, Vonage has introduced new Nexmo offerings that enable developers and businesses to create customized contact centers.

"Vonage is redefining how our developer ecosystem and businesses approach their contact centers with intelligent, voice-powered capabilities and analytical tools that can be used to build a unique and personalized customer experience," said Omar Javaid, Vonage’s chief product officer.

Nexmo is Vonage’s API platform. Vonage bought Nexmo in 2016, around the same time that API company Twilio had a wildly successful IPO. (Plivo and Ribbon Communications’ Kandy are among the other communications platform as a service/API solutions in the market.) Such solutions enable developers to use communications capabilities to create enhanced or new services and solutions that meet specific needs.

"More and more developers and businesses are seeking greater flexibility beyond traditional contact center products to create better business outcomes,” said Javaid. “By leveraging our cloud-scale programmable communications to enhance new or existing contact centers, businesses can quickly adapt to customer demands, generate new insights and innovate faster to serve and delight their customers."

Automated, natural language FAQ; call tracking; onAnswer; sentiment analysis; skills-based routing; split recording; text-to-speech; and WebRTC are among the new Nexmo call center capabilities. The first feature uses AI to handle commonly asked questions. With onAnswer, agents get a pre-call prompt providing context to facilitate a smoother conversation. That could, for example, tell the agent which campaign a call is related to. And split recording creates a record of both participants, making transcriptions easier to understand and act upon.