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Deskforce Brings Voice to Zoho CRM

June 11, 2018

Deskforce and Zoho have come together to deliver a new integrated solution.

It’s called the Deskforce Extension for Zoho. And it’s available now in the Zoho Marketplace.

The offer brings Deskforce’s CloudPBX platform into the Zoho CRM platform. The aim is to enable businesses and contact centers to be more productive and deliver better, faster, and more flexible customer experiences. And it allows users to connect via SMS messaging and voice.

"Whether it's a contact center or a sales desk that monitors and provides innovative solutions, the integration of Deskforce into Zoho CRM enriches and empowers the user experience for increased productivity and enhanced customer connections," said Elie Rubin CEO of Deskforce.

It allows users to make voice calls to contacts from within the Zoho CRM. People can use it to track outbound call history with up-to-date call status. They can employ it to create and manage customized voice templates. Plus they can leverage it to listen to recordings of all their calls.

Zoho COO Mani Vembu said: "DeskforcePBX integration helps us to realize our goal of providing an effortless synchronization of our customers' communication services with their Zoho CRM workflows, while improving the efficiency of their overall sales management processes."

Communications-enabling business processes is a growing trend. Embedding voice and other communication channels in existing business applications means users don’t have to leave systems like CRM to act on the information within them.

In some cases, suppliers of business systems like CRM and real-time communications solutions come together to offer pre-integrated offerings to business customers. Businesses and solutions providers can also use tools like Avaya Zang, GENBAND Kandy, and Twilio to embed communications in applications.

Edited by Maurice Nagle