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Telzio Transcends VoIP Transition

June 08, 2018

Business is not an activity chained to the office. Innovation opened the door to a mobile, always-on, always plugged-in reality, and industry is taking advantage. Whether it’s WebRTC, cloud-based or business VoIP, business demands feature-rich, future forward and mobile solutions capable of supporting the communications demands of today.

Telzio announced Telzio Webphone, leveraging WebRTC to enable users real time communications via an endpoint of their choosing. Because it’s WebRTC-based, there is no software to install, while still providing a feature-rich contact center solution.

Through a user-friendly interface services are easily customizable; Telzio Webphone delivers IVR menus, extensions, live reporting, queues as well as faxes and SMS. Transition from POTS to VoIP can be tricky, but omnichannel is not optional in our digital world, and WebRTC serves as a smooth method of migration.

WebRTC is wooing, as by 2025 it carries a projected value of more than $80 billion. It furthers the mobile evolution, while offering companies a pocket-friendly way to experience future-forward communications.

“The most important feature of today’s communication tools is to have them available anywhere, anytime,” says Peter Schroeder, Chief Executive Officer of Telzio, “Telzio makes it even more convenient by allowing users to call right through their web browser, no matter where in the world they are.”

The face of communications is changing, with this evolution driving transformation in the contact center, customer engagement and collaboration.

Welcome to real time communications.

Edited by Maurice Nagle